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A Hands-on way to grasp the concepts of the Topaz Labs Plugins This is a learn-by-doing experience and will increase your retention as you work through the classes presented. This course is designed to take you by the hand and work you through one aspect at a time with your own laptop. The only requirement is to have a laptop, mouse and pad that you can bring to class and that you are fimiliar with either the lightroom Develop Module (via Topaz Fusion) or Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop elements as layers. We will provide sample files and images for you to work with as we take you step by step through the Topaz Sliders to develop your images. The course will be both classroom presentation from instructor(s) as well as hands on practice exercises. The course goal is to help you build a solid foundation of what is involved in creating an image editing workflow to get the most out of your images and to create a look or style to your images. The Topaz Plugins will allow you to make adjustments individually or as layers in Photoshop with the use of smart filters.  All the adjustments you make in your layers are non destructive. With nondestructive editing, your original file is not altered, whether it’s a camera raw file or a rendered file such as a JPEG, TIFF or PSD. Your edits are stored in Lightroom as a set of instructions.  You will be required to have the Topaz plugins installed on your laptoip for this course.

Plugins For Class

  • Untitled photo
  • Untitled photo
  • Untitled photo
  • Untitled photo
  • cover
  • Untitled photo
  • Untitled photo

Topaz Plugins Covered

What are Topaz Plugins?

We will be utilizing the following Topaz Products:


Black and White Effects


Details 2


Lens Effects

Impression 2

These plugins will be used either singularly or in conjunction with another to achieve the final look to the images.

Items Covered

• Navigator

• Loupe

• Histogram

• Collections for various looks to pre - visualize effect

• Supplied Presets

• Creating and saving customized presets

• Importing and exporting presets

• Community Presets

• Image adjustments with sliders

• Image adjustments with curves

• Multiple adjustmenst with "apply" mode

• Local adjustments with masking, dodging/burning

• Local adjustments with Luminosity and radial filters in       Impression 2

• Split Screen before/after views

• Zoom Mode  

• Combining mulitple plugins

• Smart filters with Photoshop

• Adding Diffusion

• Adjusting overall and selective warmth

• Loupe View • Adding grain

• Transparency mode

• Soft ProofDevelop Tools

• Adding Borders

• Tonal Adjustments

• Adaptive Exposure

• Highlights/ Shadows • Regions

• Contrast

• Adaptive Saturation

• Noise Reduction

• Sharpening with details

• Graduated Filters and colors

• Evaluating the Image

• Student Images   • Few examples of images. What is needed to improve and what slider to adjust  

 • Students work on their images

• Instructors critique student editing of their images

Refreshments Provided: Coffee, Water

We will provide files for the exercises above.

You can bring one or two of your images that you would like to edit and if time allows, we will work with you on your image after class.

Sign Up for Class:

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Note: Paypal invoice will say Joe Reardon Photography LLC

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