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Private one on one customized software training

One on One Software Training

How does it work?

Please contact me by email with your interests and expectations for the training and the goals you wish to achieve. Based on your needs I will quote you on a package where the 1st hour is free if you continue the course. I offer a "Pay as you go model" .

Whats Included?

Instruction on:

Post-processing techniques to get the most our of your images whether you wish to use Lightroom, Photoshop, Topaz Plugins or advance to using Luminosity masking.

 I will guide you in ways to process your images in order to focus more on your expressive vision and create your individual style and look and create a post processing workflow for your style and vision.

What is the Cost? The basic fee is $75.00 per hour. Payment by PayPal invoicing after each class

These classes are all held via a peer to peer connection such as "Go to Meeting, or Webex, etc.

Software Training Modules

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